Welcome to the

Don Yapon Pizzeria

At “Bukville”


Original and democratic
cafe “Pizzeria Don Yapon”.
You do not need to search us for a long time – we are near the Parking №1.
Our cafe embodies the best traditions of Japanese and Italian cuisine.
Дон Япон - Bukville

Freshly baked pizza

The cozy atmosphere of the interior is perfectly relaxing.
Taste crunchy pizza from the oven with a filling for every taste
Піцерія Дон Япон

Rolls and Sushi

The most diverse: both original and exotic, and everyone’s favorite classics

We also offer

Гарячі страви - Дон Япон - Bukville


Салати - Дон Япон - Bukville


Десерти - Дон Япон - Bukville



“Don Yapon” Pizzeria

Bukovel, plot Vyshnya, 309,
Polyanitsa, Ivano-Frankivsk region,
Ukraine, 78593
open 8:00 till 23:00
Дон Япон - Bukville